Gold Coast Oyster is a family owned shellfish company farming the clear waters of Hood Canal in Washington State. We proudly grow our oysters and clams naturally -- using no machinery or processing equipment. Our culture, handling techniques, attention to detail and HACCP certified facility have combined to produce excellent quality cultured shellfish since 1999.

We are currently accepting new beaches for shellfish management on the Hood Canal and Southern Puget Sound area. If you are interested, please call (360) 426-0379 or email Gold Coast Oyster.


Locally Owned and Operated!

Since 1999, We have taken great pride that we, much like the timber industry, work in a renewable resource.

When tidelands are properly managed, they create an annual income for tideland owners for years to come.

We believe in sustainable shellfish management.

Hood Canal Environmental
Achievement Awards

Scott Grout, owner of Gold Coast Oyster, has been instrumental in documenting and lobbying the true cases of contamination and shellfish growing area closures on Hood Canal for the last three years.

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A Safe Journey from Beach to Wholesaler

To monitor the transport process, Gold Coast uses temperature data loggers that track the journey.

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