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Gold Coast Newsletter – Spring 2015

Posted on Friday, April 17th 2015


Cultivation in Action:  Shell stock is the key to regeneration of new oysters.  Here one of our crew is distributing to a new area of our Brinnon “nursery”.  The shell will develop a “set” and multiply.

Our logo is our best advertising.  We’ve had a lot of questions and comment over the concept of the design and its message.


Our business is rooted in the sustainability of the sea, the forest, the Olympic mountains, and the sun.  It is all interrelated.  If you don’t take care of it, you don’t have it.  We can make a difference in how we handle the sea and the shellfish resource.

Would you like to join us?  When we visit our beaches we get asked if it’s possible to obtain a shirt with the Gold Coast logo and YES IT IS!  We will be selling polos, tees and hoodies at cost shortly.  We’ll publish the selection in our next newsletter.

Would you be willing to help advertise our message?  We have signs we can post near the roadway if you are open and willing.  Contact our office if you would be willing to participate at 360-426-0379, or if you want to pre-order merchandise.




“It’s all about partnerships”

In this section it’s our pleasure to feature one of our clients who has had a particularly positive impact on the environment and frankly makes our work a pleasure.

This newsletter shines the spotlight on a beach owner in the sourth shore of Hood Canal that has owned their property for multiple generations.  Mr. Rick Caughie has taken on the legacy left to him by his father who passed away about a year ago.  The family is well known as teachers, coaches, and role models.  The Caughie family has farmed their waterfront for several decades and asked Gold Coast to help provide harvest to augment their Aquatic Farm operation.  We’re proud to do it and will continue to provide seed and shell stock that will keep the farm healthy and brimming with shellfish for the next generation.

Rick and his father Bob have been known over the years as “port ca-he” and run “the coolest tackle ship on the canal”.  About 15 years ago, they wrote an article on the mechanics of shrimp fishing for Puget Sound Anglers.  The link is:

If you need line, bouys, tackle, rope, nets and traps there is no better place!  You can call Rick in advance to arrange shop opening by calling  360-275-2284, or email  The shop is located at 14620 E. Hwy 106.

Get that line and bait set!! We’re burnin’ daylight!

Stay Tuned!!

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Dear William,

It’s that time of the year again!

It’s springtime.  Have you been out to the canal?  You’d better get the gear out, the boat working, the pot puller lubed up because it’s time for the annual shrimp hunt!  There is nothing better than fresh boiled Hood Canal spot shrimp.  We sixteen hours to get ’em; four days and four hours each day.

Right now the shrimp days are scheduled for May 2, 9, 11, and 13th for this year.  Be sure to visit the Fish and Wildlife regulations and get your licenses. For all the details on the shrimp season and all the details on other shellfish and fishing regulations visit Here you can go online, view the regulations, the fishing areas, and purchase your license.

Our Gold Coast barge will become a working platform to introduce our friends and associates to this fun and challenging fishing experience.


Gold Coast Oyster



Shellfish Grower’s Conference:  What are we learning?

Every winter Washington Sea Grant sponsors the annual Shellfish Grower’s conference in early March.  This year we covened along with our associates in the industry and the best minds in the science at Alderbrook Resort.

Every year our industry makes a choice of how “safe” we want to play the game.  While we are highly regulated by  the model ordinance (Federal) and the State of Washington Department of Health, the fact is that the science of bacterial and contamination is just emerging.  As a citizen and/or beachowner, you should insist on documenting the “care, termperature control, and feeding” of whatever oyster product you purchase.  For this reason Gold Coast is not in the business of purchasing undocumented or untagged product and will report those who are to Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The last newsletter we discussed vibrio bacteria.  The existence and impact of vibrio was not even brought to the table until 1998!  In a most excellent presentation by Adi Hanein with Washington State Department of Health we learned about several other discoveries of evolving bacteria and toxins that affect our aquaculture and health.

Learn more details!  First visit the Sea Grant website at

To learn more about Ms. Hanein’s presentation, we’ve attached her powerpoint for your review.  Click the link to load the file.

We aim to educate.  Do you know of a beach owner, neighbor, or interested party that would benefit from this newsletter?  If you know of a beach owner who has questions about how to optimize sustainable practices on their beach and keep it private, we’d be happy to make a personal visit.

Feel free to forward this newsletter.  Better yet, the greatest compliment you can give us is to refer your neighbors and let us tell our story! Thank You!


Gold Coast Oyster
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