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Gold Coast Newsletter – May 2016

Posted on Tuesday, May 24th 2016

It’s Shrimp Time!!

Get out those pots, get your licenses, and get the bait now!

We will be up around our Brinnon wet store area for those valuable four days starting May 14.  Then there is May 18th and Memorial Day weekend on the 28th and 30th.  It’s a narrow window of time; between 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.


There is just nothing like a brisk morning on the barge .


followed by fresh boiled shrimp


and a beverage over the campfire.


Breaking NEWS!!

Perhaps you have read or heard the news about the closure of the salmon season.  The link attached bears critical reading.

Salmon Closure Dispute

Is there a resolution?  We sure hope so as industries catering to sports fishermen depend upon having some type of season.

Ponder this question:  If the courts say the tribes, by treaty decree have “half” of the salmon, then why is it sports fishermen are precluded form fishing at all and the tribes can continue.  Is this some strange interpretation of “half”.

Stewardship, sustainability, and sensibility are the necessary ingredients to maintain “usual and accustomed”

Get the GEAR!!

Yes we have polo’s hoodies and t shirts sporting the coolest logo in the Northwest.  We’ll sell at our cost and you can help promote the sustainability mission statement!  Call or email us now!

Gold Coast is pleased to be part of the Mason Economic Development Council.  This newly funded organization has, as one of its prime initiatives, encouragement of aquaculture business.  This is right up our alley.

This is exciting and critical stuff for us and Mason County. We will report the developments of our next meeting with the staff scheduled  May 17th

Who’s got control?

Recently the Gold Coast Crew was engaged in normal harvest activity on one of our client’s properties.  One of WDFW’s finest showed up as a result of a neighbor claiming the crew was on the “wrong property”.

After the facts were sorted out a transpositon error on the part of the Department of Health indeed confirmed the following:

  1. Our crew was on the correct beach.
  2. The harvest site certificate the WDFW officer examined had the wrong address, thanks to Department of Health.
  3. Absent the facts the officer insisted the crew empty out the shell bags containing the product they were working with.

A short time later on a later day Gold Coast observed a crew from Taylor Shellfish working a beach in the Brinnon area on land that did not belong to them.


We contacted WDFW to investigate but by the time they could respond, the  likely pilfering was long since a thing of the past.

Was there unfair or preferential treatent here?  Not really, but we have to drill back to the why and cause and effect of beach control.

For almost two years now, we’ve made loud noises to the Department of Health over the inaccuraccies and duplication of harvest certificates in their database.  We even reached out to WDFW to collaborate a solution, to which they seemed quite willing.  However it’s hard to make any noise with one hand clapping and DOH has taken our complaints and, with polite dismissiveness, basically blown us off by claiming they are making “great progress’ with correcting the database.  At least that is what they are telling the governor’s office and the media.

As a citizen and/or beach owner you could ask “So What?”. First we must understand that you, as a property owner, really don’t control your beach.  Taxes yes, control no.

  1. The Department of Health maintains, with many duplications and warts, record of properties that are in the care of a commercial operator such as Gold Coast.
  2. DOH’s first obligation is to inform the tribes of any new registration so they can inspect and potentially survey the beach.  With this task they are unerringly reliable.
  3. Fees that our industry pays to maintain this agency’s scope of work and health initiatives are paid according to how many parcel registrations exist.
  4. If there are four or five “valid” certificates on a parcel (it could be yours, you understant) it means multiple fees per parcel and no incentive to remove the old ones.
  5. It means that multiple operators technically have “control” over a beach.  Gee, what happens when two crews show up on the same property?

This situation has gotten to the point where WDFW generally just walks away from the situation and will determine “it’s a civil matter”.  Or they will do what our crew experienced and that was to dump the product back out on the beach.  Civil matter? Call the county if you have  problem.  From their viewpoint as long as a party has a “valid certificate” to be on the beach, it’s all good.  Nice to know your beach is under control, right?  NOT!

“Care and Feeding”

Now that the weather is warming up, so are the beaches!  If you are a beach owner there are some things you want to do to ensure your property is plentiful and productive.

  1. Passive migration is money in your pocket.  On the lower canal product will move “down the canal” from west to east.  If your beach looks like this picture move the shells down your tideline or call us and we will help you remove them.  This is a win/win arrangement for both parties.  It’s also just good stewardship and sound aquaculture practice.


  2. This is the time of year, with the low tides you can get rid of the preditors!  Starfish love your oysters and moon snails dine on clams.


  3. Move the oysters further down the beach. Keep the manila clams a little further up the tidal level.  These two animals do compete for the same food.  Even flow feeding is the key to great production and product.


It’s All About Relationships

by Bill Allen

Back in 1959 our family travelled to Alaska when it was a brand new state.  We flew in oil burning, fire spitting prop airplanes, and cruised in total isolation up the inside passage of Alaska on a 100 passenger steamship.  I was 12 years old then and never forgot the experience.  Those early experiences were the creation of two Alaska pioneers, Noel Wein and Chuck West.

In 1970 I was hired as a tour guide by the same company, much larger by that time, and spent an unforgettable summer experiencing “the great land” and sharing the passion with other tourists under my care.

As they say, the rest is history.  Yes, this was Westours, sold to Holland America in 1975.  Chuck and his son Dick continued with their commitment to a more intimate experience under the operation called Cruise West.  In 2010, sadly, the recession caught up with this fine company.  Mr. West passed, but his son, undaunted, continues to furnish the vision and adventure that has made for unequalled experiences under the company Explor Travel, not only in Alaska but in the most exotic areas of the world.

I had the surprise and pleasure to meet Dick at a conference recently.  He lives on the Key peninsula and has a keen respect for all things natural.

It’s a pleasure to insert this introduction to Dick’s current operation.  Press the link below and keep the enable editing section open to see the links available to explore the world

See expor travel

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