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Gold Coast Newsletter – Freedom Fest 2016

Posted on Wednesday, June 22nd 2016

It’s Crab Season!

Get out those pots, get your licenses, and get the bait now!

Hey this one’s legal!

Crab fishing began on June 16th this year.  First dips reveal a decent supply at least in the north part of the canal.

Keep in mind that your saltwater license you used for shrimp does NOT work for crab.  There is a special addendum required along with a catch record card.

Get all the details at

“get the pot cookin'”

The Salmon Story

It looked bleak for the salmon fishing season, and for the industries that depend upon the commerce and business that come from sportsfishermen.

For now there appears to be peace in the valley, but we are not out of the woods yet!

In the modern terminology being part of the ‘discussion’ was more of ‘this is the way it’s going to be’

The attached article shows a seriously reduced salmon “take” being allowed across the board.

proposed salmon 2016-2017

But wait, there’s more!  When we get to the specifics of Area 12 we find, lo and behold, we have a bona fide “taking” of land rights.  Did the reservation expand, and by whose authority? A quote from a high ranking official with WDFW said it best:  “Error on the side of the Tribes”

The lower mainstem of the Skokomish River will be closed to non-tribal fishing this year due to a claim by the tribe that the river is part of the Skokomish Reservation and public access is prohibited. WDFW is working to evaluate this claim. The closed area includes the section of river from the Tacoma Public Utilities power lines (near the mouth of the river) upstream to the Bonneville Power Administration power lines (upstream and west of Highway 101). The department advises anglers to observe this closure of the state’s fishery that will be monitored by WDFW police.

We encourage you to keep the discussion going with our senators and Derek Kilmer, our congressman.
Rep. Kilmer contact

Get the GEAR!!

Yes we have polo’s hoodies and t shirts sporting the coolest logo in the Northwest.  We’ll sell at our cost and you can help promote the sustainability mission statement!  Call or email us now!

Fall on the Sword!

Last newsletter brought attention to what we felt was trespass on the part of Taylor Shellfish staff on grounds that were not theirs. It turned out no trespass existed, and it was our error.

Staff on beach
(NOT Taylors’)

We have since met with Taylor management and are working to futher collaborate the issues with harvest site identification that seem to plague every shefflish operator.  We are still frustrated with the Department of Health’s reluctance to re-engineer the database.  Stay tuned for more!  Maybe out of an adverse event we can make some headway to correct the duplications, inconsistencies and errors!


July 2nd Freedom Fest and Fireworks

If you’ve been getting our newsletters it’s no secret that Gold Coast upholds the principles that keep our great country free.  So our independence day is truly the highlight of the year for us.
Be part of what is the BEST celebration on Hood Canal on Saturday July 2nd.  Yeah, we’re doing it a couple days early, but, as Elton John said, “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fightin’.”  Wouldn’t you rather be doing this on a weekend?

Allen Point on the South Shore is where it’s all happening. That’s East 8260 Hwy 106.  We will have the waterfront open all day for festivities and fun.  It is our gift to you.

  • You can come as early as 1:00 PM and enjoy the beach and amenities of the beach and view.
  • Starting about that time the Gold Coast barge will arrive with plenty of gold ole fashion rock and roll.  Yes, you WILL hear it!!!  Hop on board for a leisurely music cruise up and down the canal.  The only requirement is that you need to cheer and dance to the spectators onshore that are wondering “what the h___” is this, anyway?  Frankly this year we’re predicting we’ll have some escorts and that would be even better.  Ear protection is advised – our “tunes” literally carry for miles.
  • Late in the afternoon toward evening we will have a potluck supper on the beach.  Gold Coast furnishes the utensils, the Allen’s furnish the venue and BBQ, and we ask you bring your favorite side item, and anything else you’d like to share, as well as your own beverages.
  • We are sponsoring live music as well! The band “Backlash” will be playing live on the beach from about 4PM until 8PM or so.


This is the third year this great group has entertained on the water.  Read more about them:
Backlash Facebook site

At about 9:30 we will begin setup for the fireworks show.  Be prepared to get patriotic.  Yes we will do the pledge and some other surprises.  This will be a memorable evening.
Now for the boring part:

  1. Space is limited for parking.  We encourage you to park at Union or Twanoh and shuttle your company to the property,  or unload and park.  Twanoh State park, five miles east, offers both parking and boat launching.
  2. Consider coming by boat. Especially if you are over on the North Shore.  Yes you can fit in both Tahuya Days and our fireworks show.
  3. The property is NOT pet friendly as it is right on the state highway.  With a lot of kids and fireworks we’d love to meet your pets at a different time.
  4. If young ones are coming, please bring whatever beach shoes, water shoes and floaties you want.  You don’t want to be walking over the oyster shells!  Parents need to “lifeguard” their kids as we don’t have one.
  5. We’d appreciate an RSVP if you’re coming “by land”.  Please call or email either Scott or Ginger Grout at or 360-426-0379.
  6. Feel free to come for the afternoon, the evening, or both!


Was this “Hot Legs” from last year’s celebration?  Two generators and three Mackie speakers do put out the sound!


Join us!

“Long Hot Summer”

Our last little shot of hot weather at the end of May was just enough to precipitate our first vibrio closure on the canal.  This happened to be In “area 6” which includes the great bend, the Alderbrook area, and arguably the gold coast of properties.

Let’s review what the critters do:  Oysters tend to spawn twice a year and it’s usually precipated by sudden water warming.  The product is not as attractive.  Vibrio bacteria can exist at high levels without a direct link to water temperature.


This is the time of year when you simply should not eat raw oysters, period!  Cooking is OK when internal temperature gets to 140 degrees f.

Washington State Department of Health has important tools you will want to use.  The link below shows a map of every shoreline area on the canal. This first link shows overall shorelines that are open, restricted, and prohibited.

shoreline status

A more specific tool will tell you temporary biotoxin closures a where they exist.  This map is updated perpetually.

biotoxin map

You can zoom to any area and see any closures for vibrio bacteria, PSP (paralytic shellfish poisoning) or DSP.

One final note:  Not every operator on the canal exercises the diligence that the Gold Coast Standard upholds.  This is why we proudly have the lowest incidence of illnesses in the business.
Always feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding the ecology and attributes of your beach.

Have you been to our facebook page lately?  We’ve been packing that site with everything from fun to fantasy and many facts.  Get to it from the icon at the top of this newsletter or go to our new website at and you’ll see the facebook link there as well.  You can also order your Gold Coast gear.   See the Facebook page for the options.  Feel free to forward this newsletter.

Thanks as always for your comments, complaints and referrals.


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