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Gold Coast Newsletter – Late Summer 2016

Posted on Tuesday, August 30th 2016

The Sad State of Salmon Season

The “compromise” reached between WDFW and the tribes over the salmon season was frankly more a “capitulation”. Unless you are tribal, there is no coho season. Chinook season, seriously abbreviated and ending early in August, left resort owners and sportsfishermen bewildered, frustrated, and justifibly angry over the many fees they pay for nothing!

Ah, but what about the season offered in area 12 in Hood Canal? Pretty hard to catch anything when the nets are stretched from end to end across the canal!

So the salmon fishery is joining the crab fishery that is a one-sided free for all taking. When will the state stop the tribal pandering?

A wise sage told me “follow the money”. Is it possible that a formal protest by sportsmen’s groups to Fish and Wildlife, and a protest against the license fees for nothing might help?

While our progressive governor strokes his tribal “strengthening blanket”, you can reach your elected state representatives, press, and Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife.


No crab in the lower canal this year or last.


Aquaculture in Action

Money in the Bank!
Bill is recording the cultch bag count.

Thanks to our valued beach owner clients and our commitment to sustainable practices, we have just crossed over the 10,000 bag oyster cultch shell level This is a lot of cultivated product, that results from empty shell. Your willingness and our capability to work with this shellstock has made aquaculture a reality with the teamwork you’ve helped create for us. Environmentally it’s the right thing to do! Anybody who has empty shell gathering on the upper part of their property will benefit from giving us a call at 360-426-0379.


What you see above is the result of true cultivation, where we gather empty shell stock, stock, transport it to a wet store area and let it cultivate a new set of oyster spawn.

Shell stock is distributed to begin the regeneration process.

In addition to shell stock cultivation we operate our wet store facility up in Brinnon. What does this do for us?

First, this time of year is often vibrio bacteria season. Cooler water can purge vibrio and also find the sweet spot with proper temperature and flavor of product. Why does the Gold Creek brand have that famous tangy taste? Now you know.

Second, Gold Coast has an enviable record for excellent product and sanitation that prevent illnesses. Our wet store methods are part of the story.


Yes, we are moving rapidly toward fall, but we’ve had some nice HOT weather recently during August. Hot weather in the world of oysters means two things: First oysters will often go into spawn. That milky stream on the surface of the water is not contamination, but something very natural!

The second item is more serious and that pertains to vibrio bacteria. The state department of health runs regular sampling on all areas of Puget Sound and Hood Canal. Below we have inserted the latest report on vibrio closures. Please note the link below:

Shoreline Closures


Our Fifth Freedom Fest July 2nd, 2016:

There are all kinds of ways people celebrate our nation’s birthday, and then there is the Gold Coast way, with a lot of tradition, the Pledge of Allegiance, a live band, and of course rides on “the barge” with the best in classic rock ‘n roll echoing up and down the water.


So we carefully managed over 100 visitors, their cars, and the great food that was prepared at Allen Point on the South Shore. Thank God, no problems or incidents. The most important thing is that everyone had FUN and the weather held. Thanks, Jason, for that rib preparation!


It would not be a freedom fest without the fireworks. No little fifteen minute show here, but over a half hour of good solid celebration! What you see below is a very small sample of the total. Scott and Johnny G. were pyromanics extraordinare.


Come join us next year!

Five oysters you met in Washington

Are all oysters the same? You hear all the names. Gold Coast has our famous “Rainier” and our “Gold Creek”. The fact is that all these “brands” are derived from the lowly “Pacific” oyster that was brought in from Japan and became very prolific.

Read all about it in this most interesting link from Seattle Met magazine.

Five oysters you meet in Washington


Beware of the Company You Keep!

Insist on the truth! Gold Coast has encountered a couple situations where rogue operators have promised beach owners larger than life prices for the right to harvest their beach. Unwittingly the beach owners have signed off a lease agreement not knowing or being informed of the following consequences:

  • When the harvest site application is made the local tribe will be informed immediately and will make claim to the beach owner’s tideland. GCO has talked to beach owners that are shocked when they get the typical threatening letter from the tribe claiming the rights they have to inspect and survey their property. They were not informed this would happen
  • Existing harvest and cultivaton rights on the beach need to be properly terminated if there is a contract in place. In several instances the beach owner is never informed that this practice needs to be observed. Not only do multiple harvest certificates then exist, but now more than one company has legal right to be on the property. Surprise, surprise.

So you need to ask the tough questions:

  1. What is the accounting process for what is taken off the beach?
  2. If workers are not documented, does the beach owner incur any liability for injury?
  3. If I sell or will my beach property what happens?
  4. If I do decide to change operators what obligation do I have to the existing operator by contract?

Trust the people who have “been there” and have survived the cycles of the shellfish business. Gold Coast has seen it all before. We do not compromise on our practices and commitments. As before, we primarily aim to take the steps needed to ensure your property remains private, protected and productive.

Department of Health Police Blotter

Happy to report we just received the listing of all “multi-source” and single source illnesses that have been the result of “bad product or bad handling” and Gold Coast maintains a clean record.

We’re not going to report who caught the bad award, but the fact is some of the largest operators are victim of imperfect systems.  We will leave it at that!

If you want the details send us a note and we can forward the report for this season.

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